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We have deep roots in the transportation industry. While you’re paying another company to figure out that a reefer isn’t at all what they thought it was, we’re already at work. Our diverse background in transportation allows us to expedite the learning curve with each client and deliver a superior and memorable result.


We understand that dwell time isn’t good and your rate per mile matters. Let us help you perfect your digital footprint to help grow your company.


Why would you pay a company to teach them about your industry? Save your time and resources by choosing AMT Squirrel Works, where we use our experience of the transport industry to amplify your next project!

AMT Squirrel Works - Online Solutions for Transportation Professionals


AMT Squrriel Works is a proud associate member of The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) which serves as the premier organization for third-party logisitcs professionals. Like TIA, we aim to promote the logistics industry through education, product and service offering that assists members in their successful conduct of business.

Our Services.


Let your online profile speak for itself, with an innovative and sleek design customized for your business.


We’ll remove the guess work and provide digital solutions that set you apart from your competitor.


We understand the importance of a responsive website and what it takes for search engines to start noticing you.


We tell your story in a way that gets people talking! From social media, content creation and more, we create the buzz.


We are a young company, but an eager one. AMT Squirrel Works was born out of necessity. We love to roll up our sleeves and dig right in. Customer service is our number one priority. Our goal is to over deliver. At the end of the day, in your business and ours, on time delivery with great communication is the key to success!

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Sure, the internet is full of hundreds of marketing companies who are all promising the same thing, right? Wrong! With a background in the freight and transportation industry, we already know what you expect from us and while other marketing companies are still working on understanding the terminology and what it is that you actually do, we’re busy at work, designing a website that truly represents your company.

You no longer have an excuse to put off redesigning your website – let the experts do it for you.

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